Make Eid Special with FREE Printables

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Living in the West or any non-Muslim majority country can sometimes make it harder for us to show our kids the beauty of Ramadan and Eid.

Eid is meant to be a day filled with joy and happiness. As Muslim parents, we need to work on reviving the sunnah of celebrating Eid in our households. Here at myDeen, we wanted to make Eid memorable for all our club members. However, we have decided to extend our activities to you also so that more children can benefit. We have attached a few printables for you to use with your children to get into the spirit of Eid.


1) Fasting Certificate

Print this beautifully designed certificate and write how many days your kid(s) fasted. You can frame it or hang it up to remind them about what they achieved during this blessed month of Ramadan. It’s a great tool to help encourage and reward them for being able to fast. You can also use it as motivation when preparing for next year's Ramadan.

DOWNLOAD Fasting Certificate


2) EID Banner to Hang Up

We had many of our subscribers prepare this great EID BUNTING and place it around their homes. A very quick and easy way to get the home ready for Eid. It was designed by a very talented friend at Handmade Beginnings.

DOWNLOAD EID Banner with Instructions


3) EID Guidelines & Takbeer

Print these guidelines to help teach your kid(s) what needs to be done during Eid. We have also included the Eid Takbeer and had it designed for our subscribers to also colour the page as a bonus.

DOWNLOAD EID Guidelines & Tabkeer


4) Coupon for Eid Decorations

We have been blessed to team up with EID PARTY from London, UK. They offered 10% off to all our subscribers, but once again we wanted to extend that offer to you as well. Use the coupon code ‘MDE10’ to receive 10% off your decorations. They also have super fast shipping so in sha Allah your order will arrive on time.


Coupon: ‘MDE10’


5) Our Next Magazine

Printing at home can be costly and we can guarantee that it won’t be as nice as our magazines. Our next edition is all about “Giving Thanks to Allah (swt)” and if your children have never received our magazines to this date, then you are both missing out. Don’t be shy, try us out. Your first copy is 50% off.

What is myDeen? Our team publishes three different magazines with unique themes every month for ages 2-4, 5-7 and 8-11. Each month your children will receive their own magazine personally addressed to them in the mail. Our magazines include stories, puzzles, lessons, family games, contests and much more! We also offer FREE shipping around the world!

Here is a quick preview of our next covers for the month of July 2017. The topic for this month is to teach our kids gratitude for all the little blessings they have in their lives.

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Written by: Sanaa Izreig

Sanaa is the Editor-in-Chief for myDeen Magazines.