Our Family


My husband and I have over 8 years of experience working with Muslim youth of all ages. We have taught in Islamic schools as well as weekend schools and have participated in various after school programs. Overall we have a comprehensive understanding of the different types of educations our Muslim communities offer in the West.

After a few years of trying the same approach over and over again, we soon realized that 'our' Muslim children are in need of newer and more creative ways to boost their learning while preserving their Islamic principles. Islamic education is considered boring to many adults to begin with, so imagine trying to teach our children with the same methodologies. Habib, my husband and I then looked into volunteering our time in developing fun and unique learning strategies using activities that children will enjoy. Over the past few years, we have seen real transformations in both children and even a few adults in their way of understanding and practicing the religion of Islam. Our programs in the city of London were always full and we had a long wait list.

Soon after, we were blessed with our own children and had to take a step back in our volunteer work - but that did not last long. We started to think how we can use our previous experiences and expand our ideas worldwide. After a few more months of research and consulting with different Muslim leaders around North America, we soon realized that the best medium to start with would magazines where we can share our ideas. Using the format of a monthly publication, the magazines will in sha'Allah educate, entertain and ignite imaginations in our Muslim youths through stories, puzzles, crafts, family games, activities, contests and much more. Alhamdulillah, as of February 2016, myDeen was finally established.

myDeen's Vision is to inspire tomorrow's Muslim Leaders, Today!

Since then, myDeen has grown to 17 staff members! Our project is now recognized worldwide and we have mailed over 150,000 plus magazines to kids all over the world. Alhamdullillah.

We are thankful to Allah (swt) for giving us the time and ability to compile and present our work through the magazines. We ask Him to accept our efforts as well and bless the parents and kids who are part of this project so far. We ask Him to help our team to keep on improving on our products, and to collectively make us successful in enriching our/your children’s Islamic education in a fun and creative way. Any good that comes from myDeen is ultimately from Him (swt).

Sanaa Izreig,

Co-Founder of myDeen Magazines