Q: Book vs Magazine?

We technically mail Islamic books every month but we chose to call them magazines so that it sounds more appealing to your kids. Our "magazines" are AD-free and full of lessons, puzzles, activities, word searches, crafts, contests, and much more!

Q: Physical magazine vs E-magazine?

Our magazines are mailed all over the world with the kid's name on the envelope. We chose to serve our youth with a physical magazine rather than an e-magazine because of the simple fact that they get a product they can feel, touch and read rather than spending time on their iPads. Magazines are the most personal and engaging medium – servicing the individual’s needs and passion. The reading process demands 100% to the page in an active, fully engaged way. Beautiful, colorful, and inviting magazines are more likely to engage, educate and entertain the readers – helping them ignite imagination and retain information.

Q: Why is the first edition $4.99?

The first edition is a special offer to parents to try the magazine. We strongly believe that parents will love our content and will continue subscribing to myDeen after they receive the first magazine(s) for their kids. After receiving the first magazine(s), our normal subscription prices will come into effect the following month.

Q: How does it work?

Every month we will mail magazines to your homes or the homes of kids you have signed up. Each magazine will have fresh new content with an amazing theme as well as different activities to stimulate your children's minds. We publish three different editions every month for ages 2-4, ages 5-7 and 8-11. Our mailing services are available WORLDWIDE for FREE!

Q: What are the age groups for each magazine?

Toddler / Pre-School MagazineAges 2–4
Young Children MagazineAges 5–7
Middle School Magazine Ages 8–11

Q: What sort of Islamic creed does the "myDeen Team" believe in?

We have a team of 20 people who work day and night to make this project successful. Our team is very diverse, but most of us stick to what is most authentic when it comes to the Qur'an and Sunnah.

Q: What happens once your child is over 11 years old?

Once the child is over the age of 11 years old, we strongly recommend you still keep your subscription as we will be creating a new magazine for ages 12-14 in 2018, in sha'Allah. However, if you wish to cancel your subscription at anytime, we will be happy to assist you.

Q: Feedback or Questions?

Feedback is very important to us. If you would like to share anything or just let us know how we can improve, please email us at: