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10 Positive Parenting Tips for Muslim Mothers

Our children are our assets. For their bright future, we need to work on their character building right from their childhood. The role of positive parenting in this regard cannot be overlooked.

Positive parenting is about creating a strong bonding with children that relies on respect and open communication. In other words, positive parenting is about teaching and guiding our children to be better humans through positive reinforcement.

Of course, all of us try to be good parents, but we often find ourselves confused and at times most of us get frustrated. However, there is a piece of good news for all of the frustrated parents who do not know how to deal with this challenge. There are multiple research tools, and strategies, that offer guidance for common parenting issues. Following are some tips for positive parenting:

1.    Be Calm

Children are extremely intuitive. If something is bothering the parents and they’re hurt, they pick up on the feelings and become upset as well. We as parents must not do this. If something bothers us, we should take a moment to calm down before interconnecting with children.

When we are upset, we tend to blame it on children. So rather than overreacting to a child’s transgression, we should take a break. Anxiety can be relieved by reciting Quran verses such as Surah Taha and Surah Ad-Dhuha.  Visit for more Duas.

Muslim Pro is an app, that can be beneficial in this regard. The app contains all the Quranic verses, duas, and Hadiths that we can recite every day.

2.    Introduce Good Habits at an Early Age

The early years of a person’s life are critical. If we want to introduce anything significant in the lives of our children, we should start when they are babies. Here are some examples: Reading, socializing, eating healthy, and telling stories. Mothers are the ones who are majorly considered responsible for raising good humans.

In accordance with a hadith, “Each of you is a shepherd and each of you is responsible for his flock.  The ruler is a shepherd and is responsible for his flock.  A man is the shepherd of his family and is responsible for his flock.  A woman is the shepherd of her husband’s household and is responsible for her flock.” [Sahih Muslim]

3.    Introduce Them to Islam in a Friendly Way

Being Muslim mothers, we must introduce our children to our religion as soon as possible. The best way to accomplish this is to find ways to keep them entertained while they learn about Islam.

Encourage good nighttime routines from the earliest ages. Encouraging children to say duas before bedtime is an excellent way to build good habits.

4.    Talk to Them

We need to speak to our children as if they are respected individuals. Let us communicate with them in the same way that we communicate with adults. Let us not assume they are too young to comprehend. Let us continue to talk to our children about various topics in life. Tell them about our day, what happened, where we’re going, and so on… They will learn so much just by listening to us speak.

An important tip is to communicate with them on their level. We can sit and talk to them. They will be able to hear us better as a result, and it will demonstrate empathy, respect, and compassion.

5.    Positive Reinforcement

It is always advised to tell them about all the good things that will happen if they listen to us rather than scare them with the bad things that will happen if they don’t. Remember that in life, it is always better to see the glass as half full rather than half empty.

6.    Adjust Children into Our Lifestyle

It is preferable to try to integrate children into our way of life rather than completely change our way of life for them. Let us try to find solutions if continuing with our routine is difficult. Invest in good gear, for example, if we live in an area prone to extreme weather.

If you enjoy hiking, consider purchasing a pushchair so you can run alongside your child. Every Muslim mother shall find solutions so that our children can adjust to our routine.

7.    Do Not Forget the Goal

Every action we take with our children is designed to prepare them to live without us. To make them strong and self-sufficient rather than weak and reliant on us all the time.

As mothers, it’s our job to make sure that our children are able to face the world on their own and achieve success in it and the world Hereafter.

8.    Be Always Fair with Them

Never lie to your children, no matter how bitter the truth is. We must treat all of our children equally and without favoritism. If you have more children, always treat them equally. Never be judgmental and make biased decisions.

This can shatter their personality. We being mothers have to encourage them to stand on their own. This is for the safety of their future when we will be no more with them.

9.    Stick to the Rules

Even if we are friendly with our children, they must understand that rules are rules and cannot be broken. As an example:

  • They must wear seatbelts in the car at all times.
  • Do not litter on the streets, parks, and roads.
  • Do not allow phones or tablets while eating.
  • Do not allow phones or tablets while spending time with family. It is the time for socializing.

10.   Master the Art of Distraction

Children can be distracted easily, and there is nothing wrong with it. Think of the time, when we were children, how we would be fascinated with every little thing. Give time to your child, when they are distracted and not listening to us.

When children misbehave, it is sometimes better to distract them rather than become angry and argumentative. It’s also great for babies who are making a fuss. Distract them or throw a game at them so they change their course of action.

Final thoughts – Positive Parenting Tips for Muslim Mothers

The above-mentioned content also includes numerous helpful examples, positive parenting tips, activities, programs, apps, and much more that every parent can use to make their children the best human beings.

After reading this article, we expect that the parents will become the kind of parents they’ve always wanted to be by learning and applying these positive parenting resources.

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