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Ramadan Resources for our young ones!


The month of Ramadan is finally upon us! Alhamdulillah!

Mother and fathers around the world can find it overwhelming to juggle their busy schedules and increase their worship while trying to find time to make the month of Ramadan special for their child(ren). This is where myDeen can help!

Over 2,400 kids around the world will be getting their Ramadan activity magazines which are filled with fun lessons and activities, but we simply did not have enough room to fit in all the different activities we wanted to help make this Ramadan the best one yet! Thus, we are offering MORE online resources for you to print, cut, complete and enjoy with your young ones. We decided to make these online resources available to everyone as well to help as many parents benefit as possible.

Feel free to download and share any of the resources below with those who might find them useful. Let’s make this Ramadan even more special for our rising stars and future leaders!

1) Colouring Pages

Let’s start with a fun and engaging colouring page for the younger age group. It comes with lantern colouring as well which can be used as decoration through the month. Click the link to download the colouring page and the lantern colouring.

Download Colouring Pages  

2) Qibla Arrow

Throughout this activity, you can teach your child how every Muslim around the world faces the same direction to pray and how it signifies unity within our Ummah. Once you print the arrow, have you child colour and decorate as they would like then cut it out. They can also glue the arrow on to a card stock to give it a thicker feel or laminate it before taping it on the wall or floor in the right direction.

Qibla Arrow PDF Link Here

3) Ramadan Mubarak Banner

Below are a few Ramadan Banner options to choose from. Cut them out, colour and add anything extra you would like. Welcoming Ramadan with some decorations is a great way to get them excited about this blessed month and a fun activity to do together. There are three types of banners to choose from depending on the wording you prefer:

‘I Love Ramadan’ Banner

‘Welcome Ramadan’ Banner

‘Ramadan Mubarak’ Banner

4) Fasting Certificate

When the month of Ramadan comes to an end, have one of these certificates ready to present to your young one as a way to recognize their accomplishment of fasting (even if it wasn’t the whole month). This will help encourage them to try even harder for the next Ramadan, in sha’Allah.

Download the Fasting Certificate

5) Eid Mubarak Banner

Just like the Ramadan banner, we also created an Eid banners to cut out, colour and use to decorate to welcome Eid! Don;t forget to share it with friends and family in and around Eid time!

Happy Eid Banner

We pray that both you and your young ones find benefit in the extra resources provided. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at or contact our social media pages.

Written by: Sanaa Izreig
Cofounder of myDeen Magazines

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